Functional medicine is one of the most innovative medical practices out there, so it’s only right that Innovative Health in Weston is on the forefront of delivering functional medicine solutions to our patients. By taking a natural, patient-centered approach, our functional medicine doctors seek out a variety of factors to discover the root cause of your condition and/or imbalances. From there, our doctors can develop a customized treatment plan to help you regain your health. From GI disorders to migraines to high blood pressure, functional medicine may have a solution for you. Read more about functional medicine topics here, and contact Innovative Health to make an appointment.

  1. Innovative Health COVID-19 Statement

    Innovative Health COVID-19 Service Commitment Statement

    We are living in very uncertain times due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.  But one thing is certain: our unwavering commitment to our patients and our community. Governor Tony Evers has included Chiropractic clinics in the list of essential health care providers.  Therefore, we are open to provi…Read More

  2. 4 Important Questions to Ask About Any Prescription Drug

    Functional Medicine Offers Better Outcomes Without the Risk of Some Prescription Meds DR. KEVIN RITZENTHALER, DC, DCBCN, Innovative Health Today, it seems that there’s a “pill for every ill”. Advertisements for prescription medications have taken over nightly newscasts and magazines. As a soci…Read More

  3. illustration of brain with gears

    Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

    7 Steps to a Healthier Brain Dr. Kevin Ritzenthaler, DC, DCBCN All of us know of someone or have heard of someone in their eighties and nineties and is as sharp as a tack. And yet, many of us also know of someone who is significantly younger and in some state of cognitive decline. As we age, all of …Read More

  4. autoimmune disease

    Autoimmune Disease, There is Another Way

    Reversing Autoimmune Disorders by Treating the Root Cause Dr. Kevin Ritzenthaler, DC, DCBCN Autoimmune diseases are reaching epidemic levels, in part, because there are so many of them.  Current medicine lists between 80 and 100 different types of autoimmune disorders or diseases.  Some of the mor…Read More

  5. What’s Really Causing Your GI Discomfort?

    Food Sensitivities: A Common and Misunderstood Culprit It’s estimated that as many as 80 percent of Americans have some type of food sensitivity or intolerance.  These intolerances are very different, much more common than traditional food allergies, and are linked to a variety of GI disorders (…Read More

  6. Why All The Talk About Gluten?

    Why All the Talk about Gluten? And why "Gluten Free" is not necessarily a life sentence. woman with gluten stomach pain There’s a lot of talk about gluten these days. At any gathering including food, you’re likely to encounter someone who is eating gluten free and gluten-free labels are becoming…Read More

  7. Dangers of Acid Reflux Medications

    Is that little purple pill doing more harm than good? Dr. Kevin E. Ritzenthaler, DC, DCBCN Burning in the chest and throat. Trouble swallowing. The feeling that food is stuck in your chest or throat. Chest pain (sometimes confused with a heart attack). Chronic cough, sore throat and hoarse voice.  …Read More

  8. Is the Medical Approach to Type 2 Diabetes Backward?

    A Functional Medicine Point of View Dr. Kevin Ritzenthaler, DC, DCBCN Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, non-accident lower-limb amputations, and new cases of blindness among adults.  In 2012, the cost of the disease was estimated at $245 billion. If America is one of the world’s le…Read More

  9. Organic Foods, Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

    For those who read this column on a regular basis, this month’s topic is not new. But it is important. In fact, so many of my patients at Innovative Health Clinic are asking questions about the effect of chemicals on their overall health, that I thought it important to cover this topic once again.…Read More