You should allow 1 to 1 1/2 hours for your first visit at our clinic. This will allow enough time for you to meet with a physician, receive a complete examination, get x-rays (if needed), and ask any questions that you might have.

Patient Forms – It will be necessary for you to complete some forms so that we can gather your health history and understand your current condition. You can save yourself some time by printing and completing the forms before you come in for the appointment. Our staff will tell you which forms you’ll need. You can find all of our patient forms here.

Consultation – After completing your paperwork, you will meet with one of our doctors of chiropractic. This consultation will give us the chance to learn more about you, your condition, your expectations, and answer any questions that you might have.

Examination & X-Rays – The next step will be a complete chiropractic examination including standard orthopedic, postural, physical, and neurological tests. Depending on your specific condition, we may also take x-rays. Our office uses digital x-rays which are faster, easier to transfer, and also have a lower level of radiation. Most patients are very interested to see their x-rays. In many cases, they can even identify structural irregularities and degeneration themselves.

If you have had an x-ray, MRI, or CT scan taken at another medical facility within the past year, you can often have them transferred to our office. Click here for a medical records request form.

Report of Findings Visit

Following your initial visit, you will return to our office for a Report of Findings (ROF) appointment. This is when we will review and discuss your x-rays, the exam findings, your health history, and your treatment goals. We will then review your treatment options and our recommended care plan and answer any questions you may have.

We encourage you to bring a spouse, family member, or trusted friend to this appointment as we will be discussing a lot of information and reviewing various treatment options. Most patients benefit from having a ‘second set of ears’ in the room to help ask questions, discuss options, and help make the best decision for your treatment plan.

Together, we will develop a care plan to get you back to feeling your best. If we are unable to provide a treatment plan that will help you and your condition, we will make a recommendation for you to see another provider.