1. I feel good!

    After the treatment I felt looser from head to toe! I was able to play with my kids for longer periods of time without pain. I feel good!

  2. A “life saver” for my kids

    My son Croix was seen for the first time by Dr. Colleen Boling when he was 2 months old. We noticed he had a hard time straightening one of his legs. After a visit with Dr. Boling we found out one of his hips was actually out of place most likely from birth. He also has started seeing her again at 11 months because he was walking with a limp, after a visit with Dr. Boling he is now walking just fine. I firmly believe in Chiropractic care for children and infants. My oldest son who is now 9 had severe colic as a newborn and a couple visits to the chiropractor and it was gone, such a life saver!

    Jennifer B., from Ringle, WI
  3. Happier Mama

    “My little boys get a lot of congestion when they are sick, but after a visit to Dr. Colleen, you could tell there was less and less [congestion]. It made them more comfortable, and me much happier mama.”

    Savanah from Wausau, WI
  4. Thank you for everything!

    Dr. Colleen, You are an awesome person! Honestly, before you I thought chiropractic was dumb. But you’ve really helped me. Thank you for everything!!!

    Lisa R., Rothschild