1. Amazing!

    When I started treatment my pain was a constant six on a scale of one to ten. After my treatment today it was a ZERO…AMAZING! I had more energy last night than I’ve had in a long time.

  2. Can Feel A Difference

    By the end of the laser session, I personally can feel a difference. I can feel an increase in flexibility. I can feel an increase in range of motion.

  3. Fixed My Probelm, Now It’s Gone

    I’ve been to doctors all over the place and no one has ever been as complete or as knowledgeable. I’ve had a side problem for over 2 years and no one’s ever known what it was, and then I came here, they figured it out, fixed it, and it’s gone!

  4. Could Tell A Difference Right Away!

    I could tell the difference in my body right away. I can wake up in the morning and say ‘Is this what normal people feel like?’ I feel great! You get used to the chronic pain so much that it’s just part of you, and it just becomes very taxing on your brain and your mental status. Now I feel like 200lbs has been lifted off me. I want to continue with that. You don’t want that pain to come back because you just feel so… released!

  5. Pain free, Drug free

    The benefits well outweigh the cost of treatment. My pain was constant; I wore it like a cloak. After treatment things completely changed, I felt like a new person, pain free and drug free.

    C.B. from Mosinee, WI
  6. Deeply Grateful.

    Gifts come in many different forms. Chiropractic significantly reduced my chronic pain. This enabled me to gain back another level of daily activity in my life. I am deeply grateful for that.

  7. Thank you for being committed!

    After treatment I was actually able to do full yoga stretches without soreness, which is something I haven’t done in a long time. I can’t wait to see how I will do after a swim. Thank you for being committed to making life better for people like me.

  8. Everything Has Improved

    I was being slowed by the low back problem. Now everything is improved…emotional, physical, increased activity…I can actually rotate my hips from right to left nearly pain free. It’s been 5 years since I could do that. I went home and made dinner for my family last night. I couldn’t do that before the treatment.

  9. I feel good!

    After the treatment I felt looser from head to toe! I was able to play with my kids for longer periods of time without pain. I feel good!

  10. A “life saver” for my kids

    My son Croix was seen for the first time by Dr. Colleen Boling when he was 2 months old. We noticed he had a hard time straightening one of his legs. After a visit with Dr. Boling we found out one of his hips was actually out of place most likely from birth. He also has started seeing her again at 11 months because he was walking with a limp, after a visit with Dr. Boling he is now walking just fine. I firmly believe in Chiropractic care for children and infants. My oldest son who is now 9 had severe colic as a newborn and a couple visits to the chiropractor and it was gone, such a life saver!

    Jennifer B., from Ringle, WI