1. Almost no (plantar fasciitis) pain anymore

    I had extreme pain from plantar fasciitis. I heard a commercial on the radio about how they could help. I am at almost no pain anymore and am extremely grateful for what they have done.

    John via Facebook
  2. I wish I would’ve went sooner!!

    Today I went in with zero expectations to feel better because I’ve been in pain for months. I was instantly greeted by the fun and spirited staff that made me feel very welcome. I was on my lunch break and in a hurry, but they didn’t judge me for needing a speedy appointment. I didn’t realize it was Colleen chatting with the ladies up front while I finished my paperwork, but she was ready and prompt for me. She didn’t waste any time getting right to it. The real unbelievable and remarkable story is that I got bell’s palsy about a week and a half ago and after her adjustment, I could feel part of my face again. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying not to cry happy tears in front of everyone at work because for the first time in months, I didn’t have to fake my smile. Not just because the feeling is starting to come back to my face, but the pressure and tension in my back, neck, shoulders, and head was better. I loved how people at work noticed the difference in my face too! I was smiling like a kid who just got cake! I wish I would’ve went sooner!!! Thank you wonderful staff, I’ll see you again soon!

    Whitney via Google
  3. Attentive to my pain and concerns

    I went to Innovative Health with serious back problems. The staff were helpful in all respects. Dr. Jim is my chiropractor. He is attentive to my pain and concerns and is very skilled in the appropriate treatments for my particular condition. I highly recommend his skill.

    Diana via Facebook
  4. Dr. Colleen is wonderful

    Dr. Colleen is wonderful – had her all through my last pregnancy and see her monthly now.

    Lynn via Facebook
  5. I highly recommend Innovative Health

    Dr. Cody was fantastic!! I highly recommend Innovative Health.

    Jean via Facebook
  6. You not only helped my baby, you helped me (colic)

    I am a skeptic for sure, especially when it came to bringing my 6 week old son in to be adjusted due to colic and gas issues. I did a little research and decided to take him in to see Dr. Colleen. Well, after the very first adjustment, I noticed a difference in his behavior. He has now had 4 sessions and I have noticed a 100% change in his behavior. He isn’t all curled up and uncomfortable and can sit around and be comfortable without crying consistently. Thank you so much Dr. Colleen, you have not only helped my baby, you have helped me 🙂

    Lyza via Facebook
  7. Excellent Service!!

    Excellent service!! Dr. Kevin is just great, got me feeling better in a short time. I will definitely be back. Very caring, friendly, understanding staff. Makes you feel like you are getting excellent care. You are in good hands here.

    Susan via Facebook
  8. Wouldn’t Change a Thing!

    With my history, I couldn’t stay with one chiropractor because it just didn’t work. I’ve been going here for 5+ years and wouldn’t change a thing.

    Emily Kate via Facebook
  9. This has changed my world (plantar fasciitis)

    Four years of plantar fasciitis, very painful to walk and stand, Two treatments with Dr. Colleen and my pain is almost gone. Never knew that chiropractic care could help my feet. This has changed my world!! Thanks Dr. Colleen.

    Brenda via Facebook
  10. Easy to Get an Appointment

    They’re always friendly and usually easy to get an appointment with someone at the last minute.

    Tamara via Google